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Miho Museum tunnel entrance Photos from our 2016 tour

October 2016

"Our art and culture tour of Japan, October 2016, was sensational.

The itinerary was very well thought out with an emphasis on art which is what we had requested. Every aspect of this trip ran smoothly.
Clearly care had been given to ensure that we experienced Japanese culture through food, traditional accommodation as well as art and history. Gary's talks gave depth of understanding to our
experiences and he is a great lecturer who can cope with
side questions as he talks.

We would definitely travel again with Haruyo and Gary. They both have a very deep knowledge and interest in everything about Japan.
Not only that, we enjoyed their company.

Gael and Bryan Gartrell, New Zealand

We were both very happy. Loved the elements of surprise.
Especially at the Suzuki and Miho museums. Sensational.

All of our needs were met and many thank yous to the two of you.

Barbara and Maryon, Canada

Sculpture Naoshima Island Beauty in Kyoto, November 2013 tour

November 2013

Adachi Museum garden Beauty in Kyōto - November 2012

May 2013

Hikone castle Beauty in Kyōto - November 2012

November 2012


Hagi castle gate Kyūshū island art & culture - 2011

March-April 2011


Torii gate Itsukushima Traditional & Modern Japan 2009

November- December 2009

Meal at Kamakura
Traditional & Modern Japan tour 2008

November 2008

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