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At Kanazawa Castle
May 2018

“Thank you both for sharing so much – it has been wonderful to meet you.”
– Robyn, Melbourne

“…a wonderful, informative and culturally enhancing time in Japan.”
– Michael and Julie, Canberra

Teshima Island
May 2018 Private Tour

“…by far the most comfortable, informative and enjoyable one I have been on.”

– Gayle, Melbourne

October 2017

“…really fantastic… were so glad we chose your tour.”

– Alastair & Sue, Melbourne

“…thank you for showing us the extraordinary contrasts, exquisite aesthetics … and for your expertise in explaining the art, culture and religion.”

– June, Melbourne

Miho Museum tunnel entrance
October 2016

“Our art and culture tour of Japan… was sensational.”

– Gael and Bryan Gartrell, New Zealand

“…very happy. Loved the elements of surprise…Sensational.

– Barbara and Maryon, Canada

At Kanazawa Castle
November 2013

“…so special. We learned so much from you…”

– Kurt & Marty, Dallas, Texas

Adachi Museum garden
May 2013 Private Tour

“…a memorable, educational and exceedingly fine sojourn…”

– Ed & Alice, New York, USA

Hikone castle
November 2012

“…incredibly enjoyable and interesting… great tour leaders.”

– Hilary & Barrie, Geelong, Australia

Hagi castle gate
March-April 2011

“…a wonderful cultural trip, with great tour leaders.”

– Hilary & Barrie, Geelong, Australia

Torii gate Itsukushima
November- December 2009

“Very informative, well thought out and well managed…”

– Vernon, Canberra, Australia

Meal at Kamakura
November 2008

“…a fantastic tour … also great fun and plenty of new experiences…a privilege.”

– Lynne, Perth, Australia

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