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Photos from our November 2008 tour

“Many thanks for a fantastic tour. An excellent experience in Japanese culture but also great fun and plenty of new experiences. Thank you for sharing so much with us. It has been a privilege.”
– Lynne, Perth

Meal in Kamakura
In Kamakura
Meal in Kamakura
Kamakura meal
Traditional meal in Himeji
Traditional Japanese meal in Himeji
Traditional meal in Himeji
In Himeji
Traditional meal in Kamakura
Restaurant in Himeji with castle in background
Restaurant in Himeji with castle in the background
Meal in Kyoto
About to enjoy a meal in Kyoto
Ryoanji Temple Kyoto
Ryoanji temple wash basin, Kyoto
Akakusa Senso-Ji Temple
Asakusa Sensō-ji Temple, Tokyo
Himeji Castle at sunset
Great Buddha, Kamakura
Kōdaiji Temple garden, Kyoto
Last day of the tour
Near Tōdaiji Temple, Nara
Ryoanji temple rock garden, Kyoto